Free Disclosure Requirements Webinar


A free webinar covering-off the major requirements of the new disclosure regime is being held by Strategi Group on Wednesday, 25 November, starting at 10am.

Changes to what and how financial advisers should manage the disclosure of information to retail clients changes on 15 March next year.

The webinar will cover topics including:

  • Why you need to link your disclosure obligations with your advice process
  • The different ways you can meet the four stages of disclosure
  • Changes that will need to be made to your website
  • Updates you will need to make to brochures, business cards, templates, and advice documents
  • Practical suggestions on how to handle the switchover
Download the full Best Practice Guidance Note published by Strategi.
Download the full Best Practice Guidance Note published by Strategi.

The company has also released a Best Practice Guidance Note PDF that can be downloaded here.

“Under the new regime there is a range of new duties that will apply to financial advisers, financial advice providers (FAPs, and those engaged by them), including the duty to make prescribed information available in a prescribed manner when required to do so under the FMCA,” says the guide. “The regulations provide the details of these new disclosure requirements.

“There is no specified format for disclosure, except that the information must be available to clients in writing, and it must be clear, concise and effective. Provided that the information is clear, concise and effective, disclosure information can be made available or given to clients in any form and manner reasonably considered appropriate.”

The new disclosure requirements apply to financial advice given to retail clients and does not apply to financial advice given to wholesale clients, says Strategi.

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The Financial Services Council has also released a guide to help financial advisers understand upcoming changes to disclosure requirements. See our story Easy Guide To Adviser Disclosure Requirements.