AIA Summit Points the Way to Better Health and Wellbeing


The health and wellbeing of financial advisers was the key focus of AIA’s Peak Performance summit at the Park Hyatt, Auckland.

The one-day conference held last week was dedicated to inspiring and encouraging more than 130 advisers to be the best they can be for their team, business, clients, and themselves.

Sam Tremethick, AIA NZ Chief Partnership Insurance Officer, says: “The last year has been challenging for us all so it’s really important that we all continue to prioritize our health and wellbeing.

Sam Tremethick is keen to prioritize advisers’ health and wellbeing.

“Attendees gained a better understanding of anxiety, the world’s fastest growing mental health issue, and how something as simple as breathing correctly can make a huge difference in times of stress.”

Claire Turnbull, an AIA Vitality partner from Mission Nutrition, provided ideas on eating well, and outlined the value of forward planning when it comes to meal times.

“It was an outstanding summit which we are confident has set our advisers up well for the coming year, and will support their ongoing development,” says Tremethick.

The fact that an event of this size was even possible wasn’t lost on the AIA NZ team either.

“It really was a privilege to have been able to host our advisers, with so many other nations not as lucky as we are to be able to meet in this way,” says Tremethick.

AIA NZ CEO Nick Stanhope at the Peak Performance Summit on 20 May 2021.
AIA NZ CEO Nick Stanhope at the Peak Performance summit where advisers heard from experts talking about improving and managing their mental and physical health.