Your 2024 Compliance Check List


Industry training firm Strategi Group has published the key activities that it says should demand the attention of compliance officers this year.

The firm says your company’s annual report is a chance to showcase your organisation’s commitment to AML/CFT compliance, “so get ready to prepare a comprehensive overview of your activities”.

The company also says it’s time to review your risk assessment and AML/CFT programme to ensure they are up to date, and to decide if your organisation needs a third-year audit.

If your business is new to AML/CFT obligations, has undergone significant change, or has a low risk appetite, then a review may be needed.

“Whether it’s reviewing current Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes, ensuring they are being followed correctly, or verifying vetting documents for new staff, create a simple annual plan,” states the company.

“Keep abreast of regulatory updates and the risk factors relevant to your sector.”

Full report here.