Kepa Expands Adviser Service Offer


Dealer group, Kepa, is set to expand its service offer by launching a new advice hub for both current and future advisers.

This move comes as Kepa (along with other prospective Financial Advice Providers), positions itself to maintain and enhance its relevance in a new advice environment.

The groups ‘Fit4Licence’ programme got underway 2 years ago and the dealer group signalled early on that it would apply to become a licensee under the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act. Kepa hosts around 450 advisers under its banner and will offer two service propositions for advisers in future.

Kepa CEO, Brendan Neal …offering choice for advisers under the new NZ advice regime

The service offers are to be structured around whether the adviser will decide to operate under the eventual Kepa FAP licence or their own licence.

For self-licensed advisers, the dealer group will be offering a service called the Kepa Advice Hub, which is intended to deliver an extensive selection of training, compliance and business support services including:

  • Advice audits
  • Compliance checks
  • Training to NZQFL5 standard
  • CPD points access
  • Skills training
  • The Lead Adviser Program (see: New Adviser Training Initiative)
  • Templates and Tools
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Technology options
  • Human Resource Services
  • Conferences

For those advisers who elect not to self-licence and operate under Kepa’s Financial Advice Provider licence, once obtained, the dealer will provide a range of additional services including:

  • A comprehensive compliance framework
  • Centralised complaints handling
  • Professional financial management
  • Access to group Professional Indemnity cover
  • Access to legal and compliance specialists
  • Experienced Governance

Kepa CEO, Brendon Neal, told RiskinfoNZ the decision to offer two separate service streams made sense, given the new regulatory environment under which all Kiwi advisers will be operating: “While we’ll welcome eligible advisers who will prefer to operate under Kepa’s transitional licence later this year, we’ll equally welcome the opportunity to provide our Advice Hub service package for those advisers who want to operate under their own licence in future,” said Neal.

Neal and Kepa will unveil more details of its future adviser service offers during its current roadshow series of presentations around New Zealand.