AIA Gets Double-A Rating From Fitch


AIA New Zealand has had its Insurer Financial Strength rating affirmed at ‘AA’ (very strong) by ratings agency Fitch.

Linda Page, AIA New Zealand’s CFO, says: “An insurer’s financial rating gives an indication of its ability to pay claims; in the good times and the bad.

“The ‘AA’ rating, combined with the fact that AIA Group is the world’s largest life insurance company by market capitalisation, gives our customers certainty that we will honour our commitment to them in their times of need.”

Linda Page, AIA New Zealand's CEO.
Linda Page, AIA New Zealand’s CFO.

In the 12 months to 31 December 2019, AIA New Zealand paid $476 million in claims.

In a media release, Fitch Ratings says: “The rating affirmation reflects AIA’s ‘most favourable’ business profile because of its vast operating scale, strong brand name, leading business franchise and highly diversified market coverage.

“The group also has highly diversified sources of business with a presence in 18 regions in the Asia-Pacific.”

In July 2018, AIA Group completed the acquisition of Sovereign.