Kepa Announces ‘Fit4License’ Programme For Advisers 


Kepa has revealed it is working on a framework to enable the dealer to be a licensed entity under the new legislation.

The programme it has named Fit4License, aims to “guarantee” its adviser members will meet the new regulatory requirements.

Kepa stated the programme will also assist advisers who would rather have their own licence.

Kepa CEO, Jeff Page
Kepa Chairman, David Johnstone

The construction of Fit4License was included in a recent announcement from Jeff Page that he intends to step aside as CEO of Kepa, which you can read here.

Chairman David Johnstone said Kepa remained focussed on its core mission of enabling advisers to build better and more profitable businesses.

Kepa stated its four strategic initiatives were to:

  • Enhance the range and quality of services it offers;
  • Ready the group for the passing of the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill;
  • Assist its members with ongoing development and education, and;
  • Drive the continued success and growth of the group

“Kepa is entering a new phase of growth,” said Johnstone.

“We are strongly positioned to make the most of the significant changes we see in the industry and we are confident and excited about our prospects.”

The dealer is also developing a bespoke client relationship management system which will assist its members in complying with regulatory and best practice standards.