Poll Results – Some Coping Better Than Others 


Our latest poll sought to gauge how well advisers are coping in the current environment of regulatory change.

Although many forms of support and guidance are being offered within the industry to help advisers, there is a great amount of change to deal with, ahead of the new regime due to take effect in June 2020.

At the time of writing, our poll indicated that almost half of advisers said they are coping with the regulatory changes (45%), although 39 percent said they were not. Meanwhile, 15 percent of respondents were not sure.

It is heartening to see that the majority of advisers feel they are taking the regulatory changes in their stride.

However, with nearly 40 percent indicating they are not coping, the services and help provided by industry is more important than ever, particularly initiatives such as Newpark’s Headspace see: Insurers Back Newpark’s Adviser Mental Health Initiative…).

Do you find you are coping with all the changes in regulation? Or does it all feel overwhelming? Our poll still remains open for another week. Click here if you’d like to place your vote…